Freestyle Philippines Cheat Engine Tutorial (English Version)

 Download Cheat Engine First
1. Open Cheat Engine and click the settings below the logo of CE
2. In General Settings, You'll see a text box, put there FreeStyle.exe then check "Even Autoattch..."
3. Go to assembler options then remove all the check (not the circle button because it cannot be removed)
4. Go to unrandomizer tab then change the zero into 3(Shoot all Ball) 3333(Shoot ball only when free, the ball will not shoot in long range) 333333333(Ball no shoot even you shoot in the front of the ring) then click ok
5. Open Freestyle Launcher and ready your task manager(CTRL + ALT + DELETE)
6. Click start on freestyle launcher.
7. after loading, you click unrandomizer on CE(You should do it fast because if you don't do it fast it will not work.)
8. End process the CE in the Task Manager
9. Done!

NOTE: For high ram users, you should do it very fast or the CE Will just be detected.


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