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1.Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online image editing application that offers an interactive platform to image enthusiasts to play with images. It serves as an expressive outlet where individuals can utilize their creativity in producing stunning images. The application is rich in a number of handy features that help users in creating and editing images magnificently. With its whole bunch of useful tools, the website looks after almost every aspect in creating, editing and commenting images online. Whether it’s about creating impressive shapes, eye-catchy text, adding hues, mixing colors, or anything, the website proves to be praiseworthy in all such facets related with creating astonishing images. The Magic Wand feature of the application helps users in displaying the selections feather worth. It also lets users top add or subtract region in an already existing selection. Users can brighten or darken their images with the help of integrated Smudge tool. In order to carry out some minute yet crucial changes in the images, the application renders Zoom tool that magnifies the images up to a great extent. The Line and Curve tools of the website are instrumental in shaping trails and other effects that help users in imparting amazing looks to their images. Sumo Paint serves as a full-fledged online image creating and editing gear that has all the ingredients to lure the imaging buffs. The website incorporates proficient support that guides users to utilize its full range of features. After creating dazzling images, Sumo Paint lets its users to assemble them in attention-grabbing Cool Iris 3D gallery. In addition to creating and editing images, users can also enjoy viewing stunning images featured in the category of top-rated images.
Sumo paint Website
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If an award existed for "Web Image Editor Most Likely to Be Mistaken for Photoshop," Splashup (formerly known as Fauxto) would win in a cakewalk. Drop-down menus, floating tool palettes, and multiple features are located exactly as in Adobe's flagship product. That's not an inherent plus, though--after all, Photoshop is notorious for having a less-than-intuitive interface, and I found FotoFlexer and Picnik easier to navigate.

More impressive are features that are standard in traditional desktop image editors but still refreshing surprises on the Web. Splashup is the only editor in the present roundup that lets you select part of an image and apply an effect to it alone, and it implements layers in Photoshop-like fashion, letting you stack several images into one file and apply different effects to each layer. (It uses its own file format so that you can edit layers and elements when you open an image again later.) You can also open multiple photos at once; you don't have to save one before opening the next.

Too bad it has no documentation; the Launch Help item in the Help menu is permanently grayed out. And for all of the service's sophistication in some areas, it's short on tools for folks who want to add pizzazz to photos with a few clicks: It offers far fewer special effects than most competitors do, and you can't add borders or clip art. I also missed the dozens of jazzy fonts available in FotoFlexer and Picnik; Splashup has only 12 (all mundane), and they max out at 72 points, on the small side for high-resolution photos. Support for photo-sharing sites is relatively skimpy, too--it hooks into three, versus eight apiece for FotoFlexer and Picnik.

Splashup Website


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