Windows XP pranks/tricks vol. 1

Make a Invisible folder!
In the desktop right click>new>folder
rename the folder hold on the ctrl + 255
Right click the folder>Properties then go to customize tab then click on change icon.
choose the icon that don't have picture.
like this:

Prank Virus!
Open notepad
type this codes:
@echo off
echo Virus detected on your computer
echo Opening Anti-Virus....
echo Click enter to remove the virus!
echo Failed.!
echo Failed.!
echo Failed.!
echo Virus spreading in your computer!
echo Finished!
echo click enter to continue!
goto l
now save it as anti-virus.bat
if you want to start it when your computer opens just drag this to start>all programs>start up
then that's it every time you open your computer this will always run.

Fake Computer freeze/hang!
click print screen in your keyboard
go to MS paint
Save the picture
open your image and set it as your background
set auto hide on your taskbar or unlock the taskbar then bring it down.
right click on your desktop>Arrange icons by.. then click "show desktop icons"
now you have a hang prank virus!

Talking Computer!
Open Notepad
then copy this:

strText = "Put what you want to say here!"

Set objVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
objVoice.Speak strText

Save it as anything.vbs
to make it talk when you open your computer just drag it to start>all programs>start up

Ding then message!
Open Notepad
then copy this:

Set objVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
Set objFile = CreateObject("SAPI.SpFileStream.1")

objFile.Open "c:\Windows\Media\Ding.wav"
objVoice.Speakstream objFile
Wscript.Echo "put what you want here!"

Save it as anything.vbs
to make it run when you open your computer just drag it to start>all programs>start up


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