Search Engine Optimizations!

Want to increase your google rank and be the number one in all search engine?
You should follow this simple SEO tricks!

Adding Meta tags: Meta tags are Simple HTML codes that can describe various factors of your site to the search engine spiders .These factors include web page title ,Description,keywords , language and many others . Though many blogs says that the meta tags don't have any value now , i strongly believe that they can affect SERPS in Google ,Yahoo and Bing . In this case i will help you to add meta tag in a Blogger blog.
Meta tag guide

Optimizing Post Title:Blogger blogs are having an SEO issue with the post page tittle, which can diminish SERPs and PageRank . Have a look at the following example from Google results for a particular blog
Optimizing Page post title

Show Related posts:Its essential tactic to show related Posts in Blogger , to improve usage statics and page views. If a definite number of related articles are shown at the bottom of each posts,there is chance for the reader to click on those links and head over to the next page. Related posts widget on Blogger depends on how you name your post labels.
Show Related Post guide

Image SEO:Today I will show how you can optimize images(image SEO) for search engines like Google ,Yahoo etc. .This is explained with reference to Google Blogger blog, but Wordpress users may also use this if you don't have plugins installed.
Image SEO guide

Submitting Sitemap
:Submitting a sitemap to Google is the first thing that is to be done after starting a blog at Blogger .It gives an idea for the crawler , about all inner pages and archives of your site. There are no plugins for creating a Blogger sitemap .So we will have to use the default atom feed for submitting a Blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools account .
Sitemap guide


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