Things That Should Be Installed In Your Computer.

  1. Eset NOD32 Antivirus - This will really protect you from Trojans, Worms and other viruses. But its only 30 days trial but if you want to buy it its worthy.
  2. Mozilla Firefox - The best Web Browser i use. For me this is the fastest and it protects you also from viruses. Firefox have also cool add-ons.
  3. Tune up utilities 2009 - This is really needed in your computer to make your computer more faster.
  4. Microsoft Office - Really needed for projects, reports and to make your reports well organize.
  5. Adobe Photoshop - To edit your pictures. You can also make your images for your website.
  6. Macromedia or Adobe Dreamweaver - The easiest way to create a basic or a professional Web page.
  7. Windows Blinds - Tired of looking at your old blue windows xp? Use this Windows blinds you can download lots of theme that can really change your windows xp theme to customize appearance.
  8. uTorrent - Are you pissed when your download is disconnecting in web browsers? Use uTorrent. Even if your computer shuts down your download will not be cut. If you turn on again your computer uTorrent will automatically download to where your last download stop.But i warn you because some of the sofwares have virus.
  9. WinRAR - Most of the programs today are in .rar format to make the file compressed. You cant open .rar files if you dont have winrar.
  10. Winamp - To play your mp3, video. Very easy to use this player.
  11. Yahoo Messenger - To Chat, talk, Video Chat with your friends and love ones.
Ill be updating this if I found more usefull programs.


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