How to make windows XP run faster.!

1.Disk Defragment - This will steamline acces to your files and increase the computers overall ability to process information.
You can find the disk defragment at..
Start>All Programs>accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragment

2.Reduce your startup programs - This will help you to load the startup more faster. You should only remove programs you dont needed in the start up.
You can find this at...
Start>Run>Type in"msconfig">startup

3.Disable error reporting - error reporting slows down your computers. whats error reporting? error reporting appears when your program is not responding like your Mozilla Hang then you Exit it the error report will appear and it slows down your PC.

You can find this at...
In your Desktop right click on "My Computer">Properties>Go to "advance" tab>Error reporting.>Choose disable error reporting dont remove the check in "But notify me if critical error occur"

Then Apply or ok it.

4. adjusting your visual effects to best performance - This will disable all your visual style. This is the greatest way to run your computer faster.
You can fint this at...
In your Desktop right click on "My Computer">Properties>Go to "advance" tab>In the Performance click "Settings">click the Adjust for best performance.

5.Temporary Files - Temporary files add space to your computer. it can grow upto gb's if you dont delete it.

to delete Temporary files go to...
Start>Run>Type in "%temp%
Then delete everything their if an error pop up close all programs.

then restart your computer and you'll see the difference


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